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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the uncle will arrived here, at district child care center on germantown avenue. he saw apparently a take care worker performing cpr on the ten month-old girl who was unresponsive. he said uncle pick her up and rushed to temple university hospital which is nearby where she was pronounced dead. right now police are calling perfect death suspicious. concerned parents pick up their kid from the take care center this afternoon. no other children were injured, and this appears to be an isolated incident, and it is not clear if this ten month-old girl had any kind of preexisting medical conditions, parents i talk to say overall they are happy with the care that is provided here. so, again, detectives investigating the death of the ten month-old baby girl, they are trying to determine right now exactly why and how she died but at this point her death is being called suspicious. that is story live tonight from north philadelphia, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will get back to you just as soon as we can, todd, thank you.
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developing, a judge declares a mistrial in the first of the six police officers charged mountain death of freddie gray. cbs news correspondent craig boswell is following the case and is outside the courthouse with the very latest. >> reporter: jury was not able to come to the verdict in the case of the baltimore police officer william porter. after three days, jurors sent the note to the judge saying they were dead lock and mistrial was dies cleared. porter was within of six office are charge mountain death of gray who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury in police custody last april. he was not the arresting officer but was present at five of the six stops police van made as it was transporting gray to jail. prosecutors argue porter ignored gray's request for medical help, and broke police policy by not securing him with the seat belt but defense terence say that porter did tell his supervisor that gray needed to go to the hospital and witnesses testified he acted as any reasonable officer would. freddie gray case sparked
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riots and unrest so the baltimore police department made sure all officers are on duty. >> they are here out of an abundance of caution in the event we need their assistance but i hope to never have to call upon them in the days ahead of us. >> no just advertise, no peace. >> reporter: crowd of protesters is growing outside the courthouse reacting to the news. porter was charged with involuntary manslaughter, assault and other charges. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police make an arrest in connection were two separate center city stabbing incident. the authorities say allied barton security officers spotted 26 year-old kyle stevens at broad and allegheny this morning. suspect is accused of stabbing two men yesterday morning, one at 23rd and walnut, the the other blocks away on 21st near arch. both victims were treated and released from area hospitals. stevens is facing aggravated assault charges. taxi and uber black drivers are rallying in center city protesting the operation of uber x and lyft.
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>> unaudible. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" at city hall where traffic was stopped as members of the taxi workers alliance and philadelphia, benevolent association demanded action. they say without vehicle inspection, insurance and other regulations, uber x and lyft are operating illegally. >> everyone thinks they are illegal, except themselves. >> these people are taking millions of dollars from taxi drivers and uber black passengers. we want some action. we want justice and commitment from the district attorney. >> unaudible. >> it is just not right for us or anyone. >> reporter: cbs-3 reached out to uber for a statement and they said we believe statewide reform of the p pa that allows for regulated ride sharing will benefit riders and drivers. big day at new york stock exchange dow jones industrial average jumped more than 200 points. this comes after the federal reserve raised a key interest
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rate for first time in a decade. cbs news correspondent henna daniels explained. >> reporter: it had been widely expect for months and after a one day meeting the federal reserve finally made its move. policy makers increased short term interest rates by a quarter point, to a range of between a quarter and a half percent. fed chair janet yellin explained the decision the the first rate increase in nine years. >> this action marks the end of an extraordinary seven year period during which the federal funds rate was held near zero, to support the recovery of the economy the from the worst financial crisis in recession since the great depression. >> reporter: the economy was in melt down seven years ago when the fed slashed rates to near zero. the idea cheaper credit would keep money flowing, through the financial system. since then the slow but steady gains in the job market and housing industry have given policy makers an signal that the economy is strong enough
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for rate hike to keep inflation in check. >> they want to be ahead of inflation rather than have inflation a ahead of them because that can scare people. >> reporter: higher interest rates will bump up credit card rates, and adjustable rate mortgages but interest on savings accounts will finally, edge higher and perhaps, most importantly, the the fed is showing the world a vote have of confidence in the u.s. economy. henna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so, what does the rate hike mean for many of you? coming up at 6:00 we will speak with the local financial expert about how the rate increase will affect your daily life. stocks were up a across the board after interest rate hike. dow jones climbed 224 points to close at 17,749. the nasdaq rose 75 points to 5,071. the the s and p gained 29 points to end up at 2,073. our mild, destines with some changes on the way. first, some rain, and then a blast of cold. meteorologist kate bilo is
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live on the sky deck with the first look at that forecast, kate. >> reporter: thanks very much, jessica. today turned out glummy, gray, temperatures still above average but cloud turned the temperature back more. we got to the lower 50's which is still almost 10 degrees above normal and our morning low was above average as well. still well above the normal for today and same story for tomorrow but not the kind of day to get outside tomorrow. we have got rain on the way. take a peak at storm scan three and clouds are moving through now, no rain anywhere nearby really. in fact will we will get through overnight hours generally dry but as we zoom out that storm same one that brought snow yesterday to colorado and up across central canada taking a storm track a away us from. look at this moisture down over the gulf of mexico all this rain being pulled northward by that advancing cold front and a large hit of rain could hit us tomorrow especially during the midday hours. in the meantime temperatures still mild and clouds in place overnight we don't expect to drop all that much. we will get southeasterly push ahead of the advancing front, it is 51 in philadelphia, 50
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in wilmington. forty-nine the atlantic city a airport. watch out for fog, visibility will be dropping through the overnight hours, you can see mount pocono at 8:00 a.m. near zero and down to a mile in philadelphia coming up we will talk about when you'll need that umbrella, then you need heavy coat but for how lon we're tracking chance for christmas warmth and i will give you latest with the full forecast when i join you inside. for now back over to you. philadelphia city controller is sounding the alarm a new report finds over the the last five years tens of thousands of fire emergencies did not have an engine arrive on time. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live outside engine three in south philadelphia with more details, walt. >> reporter: ukee, you wouldn't hear any sirens here at engine company three because it was browned out a city policy of temporarily closing various stations for a few hours likening inn three in order to save money but controller now says that effort is putting citizens at risk delaying the response of
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fire trucks throughout the city of philadelphia. engine company three won't be answering any alarms this day, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. it is browned out, one of the two companies put out of service every morning and night monday through friday, and rotating stations, city wide, to save money. >> were you aware that fire truck in your neighborhood isn't there today. >> no, i was not aware of that. >> no, i didn't know. >> reporter: due largely to brown outs the city controller says it is taking too long for engine companies to arrive. more than 44,000 failing to meet the five minute and 20 seconds standard between 2010 and 2014. >> it put lives at risk. it is no justification for persisting in it. >> reporter: and because shorthanded companies are scrambling harder to arrive on time, apparatus accidents and injuries have also increased
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substantially, according to the fire fighters union. >> it is not just money but safety. >> reporter: union, controller and neighbors all want an even to the brown outs. >> in an emergency every second counts. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney now says he plans to end brown outs, when he takes office. >> our as preparational goal, it is to eliminate them and i think that cane done. we will work with our fire fighters, our command staff and city to get and make sure we change that. >> reporter: philadelphia fire commissioner derek sawyer told me he has very many serious questions about the controller's conclusions including the numbers that he analyzed, the way that he analyzed them and the commissioner says the absence of any cause and effect between the brown outs and any delays that might be happening. finally the the commissioner says he is now going to do his own fire department study to see if any of the controller's conclusions are legitimate. live from south philadelphia, at engine company three i'm
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walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right walt, thanks very much. chopper three is over a crash involving a septa bus in northeast philadelphia. this happened around 8:30 this morning on torresdale avenue near bener street. no injuries were reported, the the causes under investigation. and still to come on "eyewitness news" the top google search, of 2015. and then check this out a wild scene when a plane misses the the runway, and land on the roof of the house. new trend, health reporter stephanie stahl, and cigarette use is down, teens are turning to something else, we will tell you what it is. he is not even old enough to chew his own food but he is a star, panda cub at the national zoo makes its public debut and we will have more video for you coming up. ever wanted to know what it is like to be an nfl punter. i'm pat gallon here at novacare complex and i talk to eagles punt are donnie jones who shows me ins and outs of being a punter coming up next.
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well, a small plane turns the roof of a georgia home, into an emergency runway.
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this all happened yesterday in the coastal town of saint thomas island. authorities say the plane crash landed after experiencing mechanical problems. the pilot and a passenger walk away with minor injuries, two people inside the home escaped unhurt. take a look at this heart stopping video from china. a tractor driver makes a turn right in front of the huge dump truck and gets smashed to pieces. amazingly the tractor driver made it out live with minor injuries. he suffered a broken hand and bumps and bruises. >> wow. >> on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight the the national institute on drug abuse is out with its annual report on teen drug use in america. researchers say that the survey shows some good and bad trends. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has details on the new. >> reporter: report we have a little bit of both here for you guys. alcohol and cigarette use are down among teens but marijuana use isn't. actually for the first time researchers found that more high school seniors smoked pot, then regular cigarettes, on a daily basis.
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cigarette smoke ago monk teens is at its lowest level since the government's monitoring began in the 1970's a, researchers say 5.5 percent of high school seniors smoked, down from 10.7, in 2010. alcohol use also dropped significantly, but the the use of e cigarettes and hukas remain high and number of teens smoking marijuana hasn't change but 6 percent of high school seniors do it every day. >> that surprises me that more kids are getting high on marijuana on a daily basis then smoking cigarettes. >> reporter: number of the teenagers abusing prescription painkillers continued to do kline. decade ago one in ten reported abusing prescription drugs such as oxycodone. now that number is one in 20. >> these are the the painkillers that have been killing so many people in this country, and teenagers seem to be getting message that these are dangerous drugs. >> reporter: heroin use is also down, but abuse of the stimulant, adderal-zawahiri which is given for adhd
5:16 pm
remains high. now survey involved nearly 45,000 students, nationwide, in public and private schools. and experts say that while the trend are improving, they are very concerned about the number of teenagers who smoke pot every day which they say could be dangerous because their brains are still developing. every day, and let's not mention it is also illegal. >> hello. >> yeah, exactly right. >> thanks, stephanie. >> wow. this next story is positively adorable. the national zoo is showing off its new baby panda. take a look at bebe. the giant panda cub there was born at the in a zoo back in august. the his twin brot der not survive but now bebe is four month-old and zoo officials say he is hitting every developmental milestone. >> definitely a special moment, there is less than 2,000, and caring, unique, and endangered species is really special.
5:17 pm
>> today's appearance was just for the media bebe is not going public yet. the his public day because will april january 16th when the zoos panda house reopens. from the national zoo to america's first zoo there was a big birthday bash at the philadelphia zoo today for oldest polar bear in the united states and we will celebrate with goldie locks at 5:30. coldy locks enjoying that cake. >> looking good. >> yes. kate joins us with the forecast we have rain moving in here soon. >> we have rain, and killedy locks will be a fan of the winter cold this weekend. it will be the first real chilly holiday-like weekend we have had in december. if you want to get outside and do wintertime activities thinks weekend to do it. then we have a warm up in the forecast next week.o it. we have a lot to talk b we will start off with the near term of course rain moving in and headed our way quickly. we will not get here until tomorrow morning but clouds already in place, they will stick around through tonight and if you go will be around into tomorrow morning as well. so both end of your commute
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tomorrow impacted by this advancing system. lets look at what you are dealing with all day long, included rolled in this morning. it was a gray, glummy day, sun tried to peak out but clouds hung on, keeping temperatures limited to the low 50's which is still again well above average for this time of the year. the it is dark, still cloudy tonight but we necessity what cloud do at night. they keep things warmer. we expect a mild overnight low, we will only drop to the upper 40's. it will be a comfortable night ahead as well. storm scan three shows that next system this storm moving up through great lakes. well up a across central canada right now. very far away. and, dragging in, and a lot of moisture, and rain, in georgia,al bam, mississippi. thinks all pulled up the eastern seaboard and it will get here during the day tomorrow. period of rain pretty much all day long. notice cloud are still in place overnight. here's 1:00 a.m. clouds, fog, clearing to the south but watch for fog in the morning. by 9:00 a.m. we are seeing a
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light rain here and there and again if the fog does impact your morning commute the light rain may and then by noon we have got a band of heavy rain progress ago cross the the a area. steady rain looks to be down the shore and portions of delaware but continues through afternoon and evening hours. here's 3:00 p.m. with green on the radar. by 6:00 we will start to see it push out, skies will clear overnight especially north and west but that storm lurks off shore and wouldn't be surprised to see a shower if you are down the the shore. what to expect for your thursday? watch out for that fog in the morning and then period of rain on and off all day, heavy at times, amount half inch to an inch have rain depending where you are, heaviest amounts south and east of philadelphia we are at 51. another well above average day, 4 degrees above normal even though it felt cooler outside and overnight we will drop down to a low of 47 with a mix of cloud and fog. tomorrow is a rainy day, period of rain all day long above average temperatures still near 60 for your thursday high but not kind of day you want to get outside
5:20 pm
and frolic in the warmth because it is a rainy one. friday, breezy, stray shower and then saturday there is that first real december cold day, 42 degrees which is slightly below average for the first time in quite sometime. >> thirty-two as well. >> wow. >> i'll tell you what it will warm backup next week. i'll tell you more about that. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" it is estimated average pregnant woman spends $400 on maternity clothes. >> now companies have come up with an alternative renting them. we will show you how it works when we come back. putting foot in football what happens when you make eagles punter with our pat gallon? find out next when we come back in sports.
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don joins us with a little lesson. >> that is right we're talking about one of those guys on the team that no one ever talks about. >> so true. >> but nfl punters are like plumbers, super valuable but rarely thought of until something go wrong. donnie jones of the eagles is
5:24 pm
on fire and we decided to give the guy some props. he had a 63 yarder in the win over the bills and because imitation is highest form of flattery our pat gallon decided to kick it with donnie. >> one of the unsung heroes of this years eagles team has been punter donnie jones. the the 12 year vet has been impressive pinning the opposition deep in their own end time and again. >> he does such a great job forgetting deep kicks, limited the number of returns that they can do. >> reporter: jones ace monk leaders in net yard per punt and in burying the opponent inside their own 20. >> i feel really good you know, honestly about the way guys have been kicking the the ball. >> reporter: what goes into jones being one of the best punters in the game. >> it really starts in the off season, putting in that time, working out, and then training and then getting with john, codey and caleb. >> show me some of the
5:25 pm
different ways that you do this. >> i'm terrible at it. >> we will call it just a normal field punt. you want it more slightly, in. >> bring your right foot up, that is where it will hit. >> that is not bad. >> that is not the good. >> if i did that, it wouldn't be good. >> i think the mechanics are good you just need to put more leg into it. >> he is not gaining recognition of the other stars on the eagles team gets, jones is simply doing his job better than most in the nfl this season and helping eagles defense along the way, he also helped me with my punting. time to ice down. i'm pat gallon for "eyewitness sports". >> a net gain of a 10-yard. >> it went high. >> it was high but i don't know if it is because we had it in slow motion it made it dramatic. >> did you see his follow through. >> yeah.
5:26 pm
>> yeah. >> it went up yeah high. >> he has to keep working. >> come on, you are better than that. >> appreciate it that. coming up next, secretary of home land security announced changes to the terror alert system. also this. >> i have to go and call 911, i will talk to you later. >> news reporter find himself in the middle of the story, see more reaction after a bank robbery interrupts his live report. and a what critics are saying about the seventh installment, of star wars. new at 6:00, a local doughnut shop gives back, how they are using food scraps to start a new company benefiting those less
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. at a time when tension against muslims is at an all time high a local muslim hair
5:30 pm
dresser with her own salon is defying stereotypes. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. germantown hairdresser and her products are going global. we will get more from cheri greg from our sister station kyw news radio. >> welcome to fully covered salons, and this is natasha a somalia. >> this is how i walk around, grocery shopping and everything else. you cannot see nothing. >> reporter: mother of five has owned thissal salon for 25 years and eight years ago she converted to islam and chooses to live, fully veiled. wearing an abaya with only her eyes showing, whenever she goes in public. >> you have regular sneakers on. >> i have regular sneakers on. >> reporter: her main clientele are muslim woman so she does not wear it when she works. >> this comes off, and any comes off,. >> reporter: but she wears it and when she sells her hair
5:31 pm
care products on line and it hasn't been easy. her appearance can be scary to some and it is caused her to lose clients. >> they say, you are not touching my hair with that on, take that crap off your head. >> reporter: she believes it made it harder to get her products placed in stores. >> love the scent, loves the way it feels on the hair but it comes back with, we're not accepting at the moment. >> reporter: it hasn't stopped her, somalia has been featured in newsweek middle east and her products have taken off on line with sales all over the world. >> philadelphia is home to american 200,000 muslims, and she's hoping that wye telling her story that she build a bridge of cultural understanding. >> in our cover we don't bring attention to ourselves but more attention brought to it because we are the minority in the united states. >> reporter: so by lifting the veil so to speak she's hoping that there is less fear and more tolerance. in germantown, cheri greg for kyw the news radio for cbs-3
5:32 pm
"eyewitness news". the the effort to understand islam is growing as more muslim people and organizations speak out against isis and terrorism. in an effort to make public more aware of potential terror threats the the department of home land security has ruled out a new system and it has even issued its first alert. the the u.s. updated its national terror alert system aiming to let americans know about possible threaten before they become credible. >> it is important that we give the public concise, but accurate information to the full extent that we can. >> reporter: now there is a new category in the existing alert system. the it is called a bulletin issued when there are current developments or general trend regarding terror threats. it supplement elevated and imminent alerts which were already part of the system. security analyst say change provides an important tool for state and local authorities to communicate levels of potential danger. >> they are getting information, but it is a way
5:33 pm
to sort of putting together how that information is getting out. it is a signal to the public and responders and security personnel. they have to deal with the threat. >> reporter: shortly laugh unveiling the update they issued first bulletin warning dhs is concerned that terrorist inspired, individuals, and home grown violent extremist, may be inspired to publish public events. dhs says americans can expect to see increased security to try to stop terrorist from attacking in the future. this is first change to the national terrorism advisory system since it replaced the color coded system in 2011. students in the los angeles school district returned to class today, this comes one day after an e-mail threat prompted the closure of the entire district, affecting more than six hub thousand students. crisis counselors are in place at all campuses along with an increased presence of uniformed police and sheriff deputies.
5:34 pm
white house says president obama will visit san bernardino, california on friday. he plans to meet privately with the families of the victims of the terror attacks earlier this month. fourteen people were killed and 21 were injured at a work place holiday party by a gun wielding husband and wife team. the president is adding san bernardino stop to a previously scheduled trip to hawaii for christmas vacation. now to campaign 2016, it was back to the debate stage for g.o.p. last night in las vegas. candidates traded jabs over national security policy and immigration reform. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham shows us what political analyst are now saying about the debate. >> reporter: in the final g.o.p. debate of 2015, jeb bush took aim at donald trump calling him the the chaos candidate. >> this is a tough business. >> oh, it is tough. you are a tough guy, jeb. >> we need a leader real tough. >> you will never be a president of the you had by insulting your way to president. >> i'm at 42 you are a at three. >> trump has been under fire
5:35 pm
for proposing that muslims be blocked from entering the nation but analyst say front runner didn't lose any steam last night. >> i don't think it really changed anything. he is at the top of the polls. people are looking to him for strength, that is what he has been running on and so i think it only helped him. >> reporter: freshman senators marco rubio and ted cruz are battling to be the trump alternative. they clashed on immigration reform. >> ted cruz rule out ever legalizing people in this country illegally now. >> senator cruz. >> i have never supported legal says and i do not intend to support legality assayings. >> new jersey governor chris christie says the bickering is not in the best interest of the party. >> in my idea, keep the the eye on the ball and make sure we get the best person to prosecute the case begins hillary clinton in the fall and i believe i'm that person. >> reporter: nine remaining candidates have have two more scheduled debate before the iowa caucus in february. danielle nottingham for cbs-3
5:36 pm
"eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for both on tv and also on the cbs for the latest on campaign 2016. we will have updates on both the republicans and democratic candidates, as they push for their parties nomination. the new year will usher in a historic era of new leadership at west point military academy. the the pentagon named bringing dean general dianne holland as the first command of cadets. she's stationary at fort drum in new york and will assume her new role january 5th. she and, a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. tonight we are hearing from a reporter, who was in the the right place at the right time. >> he helped police catch a suspect who robbed a bank during his live shot. >> tyler, just 24 hours ago, this bank... >> that guy right there. >> that is the robber. >> oh, that is the robber. >> this is live tv, folks, that is the the robber that
5:37 pm
just went by. >> he became an eyewitness to the crime on live television in minnesota a he helped police figure out what kind of of car the suspect was driving and an hour later the suspect was arrested. >> once i had left that screen my first inn stick was to see if i could see the suspect anywhere else. we always strive to get live breaking news as it happens but tell you what we never thought we would be part of the story, kind of like this this. >> police say this was second time the suspect robbed the bank. and still to come on "eyewitness news" the top google search of 2015. then pregnant woman rejoyce no need to spend money on maternity clothes. now you can rent them and there are a lot of options, we will show you how. a resident of the philadelphia zoo celebrates a big milestone we will take you behind the scenes as coldy locks the polar bear turns 35, kate? rain moves through the area tomorrow and then the coldest air of the december season comes in upon us as we head in the weekend but
5:38 pm
doesn't last very long. i'll tell but christmastime warm up in the forecast, seven day when we come back.
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well, first reviews are in for the new star wars movie and it is all g no spoilers here. first official reviews for force awakens were released at 3:00 this morning and critics liked what they saw. they say new batch of characters helped bring the the franchise back to the glory days. who prevails in the battle between the force and the dark side? does the movie live up to the hype? you have to check out the movie when it hits theaters tomorrow night and if you are reading reviews on line, please be careful about spoilers. >> a lot of people saying don't write about it on social
5:42 pm
media don't tweet your thoughts. >> i saw it yesterday, i loved it. absolutely loved it. >> i think a lot of people are super exited to see it. >> results are in, google just released its annual list of the most searched items, lemar odom takes top spot as most searched topic of the year. former nba player got a boost of attention after nearly dying in the nevada brothel. globally biggest news story searched was the november 13th, terrorist attack. jurassic world and american snipper lagged behind. >> it is interesting to see what people interested in. >> we will be right
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
there was a big birthday bash for old hees polar bear in the u.s. >> john mcdevitt was there. >> reporter: birthday girl coldy locks is 35 years old. zoo visitors sang happy birthday and watched the polar bear in the country enjoy some trail mix and three tear peanut butter granola ice cake with raisins on top. timothy, of springfield, delaware county was there with his father, friend and big brother joe. >> happy birthday. >> whose birthday is it. >> the the bear. >> the the bear.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: coldy locks was born in new york and arrived when she was around one years old. for more than three decades she and her room made klondike who died in october at the age of 34 were ambassadors for wild polar bears and promoting what we all can do to help save them. curator kevin murphy. >> polar bear depend on ice load to hunt them and the shrinking ice in the north pole affect them dramatically and literally they are starving to death up in the arctic. so, turning off light switches helps save energy which reduces our current footprint in the world and slows down that ice flow reductions. >> reporter: murphy says typical life span for polar bears in zoos is about 23 and at 35 years old coldy locks is a testament to the keepers a and care that she's getting this week friend ten to four you will be able to wish coldy locks happy birthday and make her card at the zoo celebration. i hear an old friend of hers from the north pole is stopping by, santa claus. john mcdevitt for cbs-3
5:47 pm
"eyewitness news". >> reunited and it feels so good. >> how about that. >> i am also loving that he explained what was in that ice cake. >> we were talking about that peanut butter, raisins, granola. >> very good. >> granola and peanut butter, we have similar tastes. >> yes. >> very good. >> we are tracking some rain, guys. make sure you have umbrellas ready heading in to your thursday. it is a sog thursday across the area and then for those hoff been complaining about the winter warmth, well, we have winter chill or winter-like chill for the last weekend have of autumn but it will not last long. the we will take a look outside and see low cloud and fog still hanging out over center city philadelphia a it turned into a gray, glummy day to day and tomorrow more of the same. still gray, still glummy but with the added bonus of heavy rain on and off throughout the afternoon, midday is when heavier rain looks like it will be around. if you are planning out door
5:48 pm
errand, digney midday heading out for lunch between noon and three is when heavy rain is falling in our region. our eyewitness weather watchers showing colder temperatures. 49 degrees in bensalem as we check with steve schwartz. forty-nine and cloudy. 50 degrees in new jersey. peter is in williamstown a at 50 degrees right now. mostly cloudy. he says cloudy and cool today. bring on the rain tomorrow. better to be rain then snow but i know some of us are looking for a little snow. none in the forecast yet. 49 degrees at david mitchell's house in norristown. little chilly there. he says 49 degrees, mostly cloudy, have a night cammal back day. i don't know what that means. what is cammal's back day. i like the way he phrased that. thank you. 50 degrees, in delaware. walter in newark and he sent us a a photo. we have a cloudy, gray sky, very overcast outside and it remains that way this evening. take a look at storm scan three the clouds are moving through and they will continue to do so overnight.
5:49 pm
storm is still well away from frustrates. the a as we zoom out it doesn't look that impressive. cold front moving through great lakes, heading down into indiana at the the moment with light rain but notice a all that rain over georgia. it is being pulled from the gulf of mexico. all that rain from the south. as this front approaches it will tap in that gulf moisture that will ride autopsy long the eastern seaboard and impact our area tomorrow. heavier rain looks to be down the the shore and portions of delaware that will be closest to the the coast. so 51 degrees at the airport. sitting at 50 in wilmington. forty-nine in atlantic city a airport. as we head through next couple days today was cooler with sun through the cloud, tomorrow though there is that gulf moisture, highs only in the 50's. we are close to 60. it is a a mild day. no snow in this forecast as this storm comes through the system in canada but it will be a rainy day from start to finish. the front will cross late thursday into friday and then off the coast a little bit. friday we will tap in cooler air and lake effect snow
5:50 pm
showers drift ago cross the the state. can't rule out a stray snow shower in the poconos on friday. the rest of us should stay dry. how much rain are we talking here? not a whole lot. green across vast majority of the area less than a inch. half inch to an inch. heavier amounts may ride along the the coast here, down the shore, sussex county, delaware in the blue shaded area, one to 2 inches is possible. heavier rain expected in those parts of the region. then as we move forward 100 percent chance of rain for thursday, friday a stray shower down the shore or snow shower in the poconos. i put 10 percent chance there. saturday and sunday look dry and mostly sunny just noticeably cooler in the wake of the system as we bring front through, tap in the cold canadian air and just takes over the east coast but only for a day or so and everything starts to rebound. coming up we will look closer at your chris mass holiday week, changes possibly coming on the models today. we will tell what you that means and what we can expect looking far in the future.
5:51 pm
before your thursday periods of rain near 60 degrees. here comes a december chill here, saturday, blustery, some sun, 42 degrees. we will start sunday below freezing, high of 46 in the afternoon and warm start to winter as we head into next week, warm but wet. wednesday we are back to 61 degrees for daytime high. now back to you at the desk. it is estimated average pregnant woman spend at least $400 on maternity clothes. >> now companies have come up with an alternative, renting maternity clothes. cbs news correspondent julie watts. >> reporter: report she's not due for three more months but jeanie brand can't wait for her delivery of maternity clothes. >> it is a shirt. >> reporter: every month the speccing mom gets a box from le tote a on-line clothing rental start up that branched out in maternity wear. the co founder say, the the pregnancy clouts, just makes sense. >> and you don't want to, bring in clothes thaw will wear for just a couple of
5:52 pm
weeks. >> reporter: for $59 a month, le tote send customers three items of clothing size todd accommodate their growing belly as well as accessories. of course they are thoroughly cleaned in house before getting sent out again. jeanie works for pr company that represent le tote but they are not only ones tait catering to this crowd. >> growing business. >> reporter: bureau for your bump offers boxes and one time rentals including formal and outer wear. mine for nine lets you browse its maternity closet and pick out exactly what you want. is an on line consignment store for man maternity clothes, prices there are cheaper then renting and no returns are require. growing number othe options, giving expecting moms more to expect when it comes to clothing. >> all of these rental companies also let you buy items if you tea side you like them and they also let you extend rental for as long as you want for a price. get anything delivered, these days. >> yes. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a story of brotherly
5:53 pm
love, i will introduce to you a least tirery who buys dozens of toys every year for kids he never met. he cannot do it alone. find out how you can help as well with our joy of sharing toy fest. we will be right back.
5:54 pm
there's the endless runny noses. hard on your nose the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack.
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5:56 pm
for thousands of children. >> it is our joy of sharing toy fest and for more than a decade, one man, has answered the call, and in a big way. >> paul will merries a quiet a santa dropping off toys at the salvation army on broad street. >> i have balls over here, basketball and foot the balls, we have cars, race cars, and dolls. >> reporter: everything under this tree was donated by him, 82 toys in all. he has been part of the
5:57 pm
thanksgiving hitting the the sales. >> it wasn't fun in those lines but fun after i got everything together. >> reporter: paul worked with children for years as a school bus driver until he turned 60. >> i started having strokes. i could not keep driving buses. so i had to take an early retirement. >> reporter: no matter the hardship paul considers himself blessed. for 11 years he has been buying toys for the salvation army. cbs-3 is collecting toys through our joy of sharing toy fest. >> there always seems to be people sometimes, through no fault of their own who find themselves very, very difficult situations and lord knows. >> reporter: salvation's army goals this season is help 18,000 children, it doesens of toys paul brings each year, certainly help. >> i think that paul is an incredibly generous man, simply providing toys for christmas day. that means the world. >> i'm fortunate to be in this position that i am. i know other people that night
5:58 pm
help. i want everybody to give something. if you can't, pray for them. i mean this world needs a lot of prayer. >> man, we are grateful for paul and all that he does in his heart. you can help by donating to the joy of sharing toy fest, you can buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to a drop off location, those toys will be then given to the salvation army as well as uso and boys and girls club and spread out to kid all over the area you can find drop off locations at cbs fest. you have a a big opportunity to help this monday, we're making it very easy, bring your toy to the studios at 1555 hamilton street, drop it off, you don't to have get out of the car you can keep going. the start taking your toys at 6:00 a.m. and we will be there until 8:00 p.m., and all day to help make the holidays very merry, for a lot of children out there. >> thanks, paul and everybody. >> yeah. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a nine years in the making we will talk to
5:59 pm
a, local financial expert about how the increase will a affect you, kate . and we are tracking rain, moving from the south and west, expect a very rainy thursday and then you'll need your winter coats for the weekend but how long does the return to normal december weather last? i'll have the answer at 6:00. also an investigation is underway after a ten month-old child, dies, at a philadelphia day care. we're learning more tonight about this facilities chickerd past, also this. you probably had their doughnuts and chicken and now the the owners of this famous philadelphia restaurant is opening up a new business in the new year with a very compassionate cause. how will it affect you? after almost a decade the key interest rate has gone up, about what does it mean for the average joe. should you be worried? good evening, i'm ukee
6:00 pm
washington. >> i'm jessica dean. david spunt headed out to find some answers and he joins us live from university city. david? >> reporter: hi jessica and ukee. some in the world of finance say this is like christmas come early, others just might disagree but bottom line does it affect the average american? a financial wizard that works in the building behind me says it does and for the good. the the federal reserve finally made its move, short term interest rates will go up by a quarter point to a range of quarter and a half percent. fed chair janet yellin explained the decision, first rate increase in nine years. >> this action marks the end of an extraordinary seven year period during which the the federal fund rate was held near zero to support the the recovery of the economy from the worst financial crisis in recession since the great depression. >> reporter: but does that translate into good news for you. portma


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